Donald's presentation was delightfully entertaining, engaging, and motivating. . . the evening was filled with laughter and enjoyment. As a direct result of a very satisfied audience, four members of the audience stepped up to volunteer their time and skills to the Dallas Section ASQ. Thank you, Donald!

Kiami Rogers, Chair, American Society for Quality Dallas Section 1402


Baldrige Criteria Training

Do you want your leaders or employees to understand and implement the Malcolm Baldrige criteria for performance excellence? We provide various levels of training depending on your needs. Donald McLachlan has over seven years of Baldrige experience at the local, state, and national level. He has been a contract trainer and curriculum designer for the Quality Texas Foundation. Let us help start down the Baldrige Road to organizational excellence.

Introduction to the Baldrige Criteria—One Day Workshop

This is an interactive workshop that will introduce you to the Criteria Framework, the Seven main categories, the values, scoring system, and a brief intro to the application process

How You Can Use the Baldrige Criteria in Your Organization—Three Day Workshop

In this workshop you will get a strong grip on the way Baldrige works and how your organization can benefit. This workshop is intended for leaders, managers, and supervisors who wish to implement Baldrige in their organization.

How to Write a Baldrige Application—Five Day Workshop

In this workshop you and your team of writers will learn how to write a Baldrige application that properly answers the questions and gives your organization a head start to winning an award.