Donald's presentation was delightfully entertaining, engaging, and motivating. . . the evening was filled with laughter and enjoyment. As a direct result of a very satisfied audience, four members of the audience stepped up to volunteer their time and skills to the Dallas Section ASQ. Thank you, Donald!

Kiami Rogers, Chair, American Society for Quality Dallas Section 1402


Team Building

Even if your organization only has two employees, you have a team situation. The best teams function at a high level because they have a strategy to work together and respect one another’s strengths. Organizational fads come and go but teambuilding will always remain as important to every business.

The best teams have strong leadership, a well understood purpose, clearly defined roles, a system of accountability, open and honest communication, and healthy relationships that admit and resolve conflict. We at SilverQuest can help you form teams, re-structure your organization based on teams, or train team members how to work together.


  • Reduced level of conflict among team members and teams
  • Improved morale among team members
  • A higher level of performance for teams
  • Improved team processes for operating
  • Higher flexibility to change and greater ability to adapt
  • Higher level of self-management for teams


Our approach to team-building is based on your needs. In order to evaluate and address your needs we go through the following process:

  • Evaluate your structure to determine the types of teams that would fit and enhance your organization’s strategy—process improvement, self-managed, temporary, work groups, cellular, special projects
  • Create a comprehensive team structure for your organization
  • Create team roles and responsibilities related to team structure and effectiveness—leader, champion, project manager, contributor, etc.
  • Create strategies, goals and objectives for teams as well as performance and evaluation standards
  • Train team members to function within their respective teams through workshops and feedback groups
  • Create training curriculum and training delivery methods for teams to increase effectiveness

Would you like to create high performing teams in your organization? Let’s Talk