Donald's presentation was delightfully entertaining, engaging, and motivating. . . the evening was filled with laughter and enjoyment. As a direct result of a very satisfied audience, four members of the audience stepped up to volunteer their time and skills to the Dallas Section ASQ. Thank you, Donald!

Kiami Rogers, Chair, American Society for Quality Dallas Section 1402



Benchmarking evaluates and identifies the products, services and work processes of similar or competing organizations that are recognized as best-in-class and then applies these best practices to its own operations. The process of benchmarking involves a performance comparison of your organization with these best-in-class organizations.

The goal of Benchmarking is to find examples of outstanding performance and then understand the processes and practices that drive that performance. Your organization can then improve its performance by incorporating these best practices into your own operations through innovation and customizing the practices to fit your unique environment.


  • Improves performance of the organization by identifying methods of improving operational efficiency
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement throughout organization
  • Provides strategic advantage to your organization by focusing it on the key capabilities that result in success
  • Increases level of innovation by bringing new ideas into your organization


  • Identify customers for benchmarking and customers’ requirements
  • Identify customers’ product, service or process to benchmark
  • Create benchmarking team with specific roles and responsibilities or assign this role to SilverQuest
  • Identify benchmarking sources of information—organizations, consultants, etc.
  • Identify key performance metrics of best practices
  • Collect data on high level performance and best practices
  • Analyze the data and identify outstanding opportunities for improvement
  • Customize and implement the best practices with goals and organization buy-in

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