Donald was an engaging speaker who exhibited humor, enthusiasm, and expertise. Donald's presentation captured the audience and inspired us. I definitely recommend Donald McLachlan as a motivational and educational speaker for a variety of audiences.

Yolanda Goodman, HR Specialist, City of Austin, Texas


How We Work

Based on years of experience we have discovered and affirmed over and over that the right approach to client relationships plus the right approach to client engagements produces outstanding client results. This unique combination is the SilverQuest Difference.


  • Personal AttentionClients have direct and immediate access to the principal, the person who can make decisions and take the necessary actions to implement solutions.
  • Client CollaborationWe collaborate with clients as our partner to design and deliver the services. We listen, plan, and achieve outstanding results together.
  • EthicsWe adhere to a Code of Conduct that governs our attitude and actions throughout the work process. This Code contains specific commitments to clients, fiscal integrity, the public, and the profession. Click on Code of Conduct to review the actual content. We also sign all appropriate non-disclosure, non-compete documents.
  • Professional ServiceWe respond promptly to calls and emails, meet deadlines, and produce high quality reports and documentation. We are committed to high quality service in everything we do.
  • Flexible PricingAfter initial consultation we provide prospective clients a written proposal with several options based on the value we contribute to the project.


  • Customized StrategyWe design a strategy based on each client’s unique project instead of an “off-the-shelf” approach.
  • Decisions Based on FactsWe help organizations measure and analyze performance based on data from business needs and strategy, key processes, outputs, and results. A review and detailed analysis of the facts provides clarity, consensus, and direction.
  • InnovationOur clients want and need new insight and solutions to their most difficult challenges. We are constantly building and acquiring the right knowledge to solve problems and breakthrough barriers.
  • Build Client Capability to Sustain ImprovementWe help clients build the necessary capability to perform at every level so that the organization creates and sustains momentum.
  • Results FocusWe work towards measurable outcomes that we set with the client at the beginning of our engagement.